Project Engineer - Construction

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Our mission is to transform communities through the building of quality spaces and productive people. Square Peg Development is Seattle’s only social enterprise builder - we strive to be an industry leader as well as creating positive social change. We are a young and dynamic team that is growing rapidly. 
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Position Overview

The Project Engineer (PE) plays a vital role in ensuring that the company remains successful. Job goals include: completing the entire project on time or ahead of schedule, and within (or under) budget; maintaining updated valid permits; maintaining the established company quality standards. The PE is responsible for assisting in reviewing plans, estimating labor and materials (including material suppliers and sub-contractors), securing the lowest competitive bids for all aspects of construction on the assigned projects, and maintaining documentation and accurate records. Other major responsibilities include managing all applications and permitting related to utilities (SPU, SCL, PSE) as well as street use management through SDOT.

Key Duties and Responsibilities


  • Contact all utilities, city, county, and other appropriate agencies to determine required fees and/or charges for the project.

  • Send out bid Request packages to subcontractors. Collect and compare to budget. Attempt to negotiate price with Subcontractor or gather competitive bids to use as leverage.

  • Coordinate with Superintendent to initiate Change Orders if multiple bids are over budgeted amount.


  • Assist in preparing and updating all assigned project schedules, including subcontractors and material deliveries. Fill in where necessary to ensure consistent workflow.

  • Determine where assistance is needed and what can be taken off the plate of the superintendent.

  • Maintain flow of information through constant communication with superintendent and attempt to anticipate needs or problem areas.

  • Update “BuildTools” program as needed.

 Organization and quality control

  • Assist in identifying problems or potential problems as they relate to the organization of the job.

  • Prioritize tasks to provide a smooth flow of progress throughout the project.

  • Oversee the tasks and responsibilities assigned to employees and subcontractors.

  • Make weekly visits to the project site, verifying the status of the site, what areas are being utilized in the ROW and that satisfactory progress is being made in order to meet the established completion target.


  • Provide all documentation to the Superintendent and/or foreman related to the project, including daily logs, back charges, and change orders.

  • Write informative memos, providing a record of what has happened or is expected to happen on the project.

  • Maintain frequent communication with subcontractors and negotiating the best price to fall in line with budget.

  • Frequent contact and site visits with representatives from SPU, PSE, SCL and SDOT.


  • Provide bookkeeper with coded invoices, verifying the amounts on the invoices are in accordance with the purchase orders and that the portion being billed is correct.

  • Verify vendor payments


  • Fill out applications during pre-construction period and demo. Complete online submission or hand deliver applications:

    • Rat Abatement - must complete minimum of 15 days with licensed pest control in order to release demo permit

    • SCL - disconnect power, set up temporary power and begin process for permanent power.

    • SDOT - Determine whether project is on a major arterial, trolly line and/or construction hub. Traffic Safety Plans will be required in these areas. Permit ROW for construction use for 90 days from demo start...monitor expiration dates and attempt rate reset prior to 90. Fill out 51M for restoration of water meter connection to main by SPU

    • SPU - Fill out application for water meters (must have 51M)

    • PSE - Fill out application for gas meters (include site plan with locations according to code)

    • SDCI - Obtain Side Sewer Permit at counter


  • At least 3 years experience in a Project Engineer or similar construction management role

  • Strong knowledge base in residential or commercial construction

  • High proficiency with computer-based programs (Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, BuildTools/BuilderTrend)

  • Ability to pass a pre-employment drug test and maintain a drug-free lifestyle

  • Valid driver’s license and car


  • You are thoroughly committed to Square Peg’s mission and the success of the enterprise

  • You are honest, transparent and show a high level of ethics and integrity

  • Detail oriented, organized, and diligent

  • Strong work ethic and commitment to high quality work outputs

  • Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people and personalities

  • Flexible and adaptable to changing tasks and priorities

To apply please fill out the online application at: 

People of color, women, LGBTQ individuals, those with disabilities, those with working class backgrounds,
and those with criminal justice involvement or personal connection to incarceration are strongly encouraged to apply.